Here’s your chance to help shape the future!

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs has released a grant initiative with a goal of alleviating the COVID-19-related barriers to community inclusion being experienced with Hoosiers with disabilities. Proposals for impacting that overall goal must use virtual or technology-assisted strategies that fit within two main objectives: 1) Improving Internet access/technology or 2) reducing social isolation/lost access to natural supports.

OCRA is requiring that the grant awards go to cities and towns and an approved disabilities provider be each municipality’s lead organization in implementing the proposed programming. The City of Marion and Carey Services are part of a city-wide coalition working on an application for money from this grant program to impact the lives of people with disabilities. Other organizations helping with the planning are Grant Blackford Mental Health, Marion Public Library, Marion Housing Authority and Affordable Housing Corp.

Here’s where we’re asking for your help. Give us your ideas on how Carey Services could use our resources and community connections to make a difference and lower those community inclusion barriers. Be creative … think outside of the box. Some ideas might not work for this specific grant, but they might plant seeds for other opportunities.

We have created a brief survey to solicit community feedback, which will remain open until Jan. 4. You can get to the survey here.

OCRA required a public hearing to solicit feedback on the city’s proposed application. In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, that meeting was conducted virtually on Dec. 17. We have posted the recording of that online session here. As part of the hearing, we made available two documents, a synopsis of the grant proposal as stood at the time of the meeting, and a document containing the slides used in the hearing presentation.

You can find the grant synopsis here.

You can find the meeting presentation here.

If you have questions about the project, you can connect with Carey Services on Facebook Messenger or send an email to Greg Maynard, marketing and grants manager, at

You can find out more information about the overall grant opportunity at the OCRA website here.

Thank you for being creative and helping us turn abilities into opportunities in new ways!