You can hear the hammers, smell the paint and see the walls being built. The large open space of a warehouse is filling with areas ready to be set up with career and life skills equipment and supplies. Staff are reviewing lessons and starting to create implementation plans. Individuals served have been touring local businesses and are beginning to set goals related to community employment, increased independence and living their best life. You can feel the excitement in the air!

The eMPower Academy will be opening late this summer - but we still need you! We are racing to the finish and need to fill the learning labs with supplies and equipment. You can join the team and move this project toward the finish line! The goal is to get everything needed by June 30, 2023.

How can you help? Check out the wish lists below to purchase items and donate items, give a monetary gift that will be used to help purchase items on the list or underwrite a learning lab (click here for information). Monetary gifts may be made by:

  • >  Online at,
  • >  Mailing or dropping off cash or check to: Carey Services, Attn. Race to the Finish, 2724 S Carey Street, Marion, IN 46953, or
  • >  Via Paypal

Learning Lab Wish Lists

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