Carey Services will transform our workshop space to create the Training and Career Development Center to offer career and life skills development. Modular pods will create community and education pathways with relevant connections to employment needs and opportunities to achieve individual goals. Pods to be included are foodservice, janitorial, technology, retail, pre-manufacturing and gardening. The project will transform the way we provide supports and services to those we serve.


The TCDC is a center where individuals with disabilities can gain and improve life skills, explore career options and receive training to ready themselves for community-based employment. Each pod will have relevant connections to the broader community. Career areas to be included in the center are listed below along with the skills and concepts for each.


Meal preparation, cooking, after-cooking cleaning, serving, setting tables, dining room cleaning, customer service/communication

Public Services

Filing, sorting, using hospital equipment, cleaning equipment, filling orders, counting supplies, following procedures, communication


Counting, organizing, documenting, stacking, assembly, packaging, light hand tool training, work safety instruction

Multi-use Instructional Center

For internal and external use for large in-person classroom training and instruction; allows for larger scale integration of populations of varying abilities, trainings for businesses/groups on working with individuals with a disability and general meeting usage

Technology Center

Keyboarding/typing, navigating basic computer skills, personal use of social media, job search training, virtual meeting training, livestream and podcast production, smartphone training, self-responsibility, personal safety


Production of produce, plants and flowers, watering plants, creativity, communication, planning, following directions

Healthy Lifestyle

Including tasks for hospitality/housekeeping and personal care such as changing sheets, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, straightening, vacuuming, sweeping, customer service, communication, time management

Retail Store

Handling cash, counting money, cash register training, stocking/restocking shelves, space conversion, inventory counting and control, merchandise displays, office setting etiquette


Cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping, chemical management, paper towel/toilet paper dispenser changing, trash management, use of protective equipment, planning, time management