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We Need Your Valuable Input

What if we told you that 20 minutes could change the lives of thousands of people forever. Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. Carey Services is working on a project that has the potential to transform opportunities for people with disabilities. We’ve created a survey to seek your thoughts on the current state of disability services in Indiana and solicit ideas on how to improve the services and supports people receive as well as the overall system in which those services are delivered. We admittedly are casting a wide net.

This is where 15-20 minutes of your time can make a huge impact. Would you please complete the survey and provide your honest thoughts. We promise your survey answers will remain anonymous; you’ll complete it in Survey Monkey, and nobody (not even the project consultant) can get access to the names of survey participants or their answers. Survey Monkey will tabulate all of the responses and provide the raw data to use to guide any potential proposal.

This survey is designed to gather feedback from three distinct audiences: people with a disability who receives services; family members/caregivers of someone with a disability who receives services, and professionals in the field or those who have other connections.

You will select one of those options in the first question. The questions you see for the rest of the survey will then be based on that initial choice. We’ve tried to keep the required questions to only important things we really need (especially around your thoughts on unmet needs for people with disabilities), so the survey will allow you to skip some sections if they don’t apply.

The survey is designed to be taken online, which allows for easy skipping of some questions. We will have a printed option to accommodate some people who do not want to complete the survey on an electronic device. We hope to keep that to a minimum, but let us know if you need printed versions at survey@careyservices.com.

We plan to keep the survey open until around May 1. You’ll see other community partners promoting this, and we’ll be providing regular reminders, as well.

We know time is a precious thing. Thank you for the help and for taking a few minutes out of your day to offer your thoughts. Also feel free to offer any feedback or ask questions (too long/short, confusing, obvious questions we didn’t include, etc.) at survey@careyservices.com.

You can find the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S236H7T.