Carey Services was established in 1954 through the efforts of parents of persons with disabilities and concerned citizens of our communities. Their purpose in 1954 still serves as the underlying philosophy of what drives Carey Services today…helping people turn abilities into opportunities.

Carey Services is a community-based organization which receives strong support from a broad cross-section of individuals, families, businesses and charitable interests. Supports and services are determined through person-centered planning, whereby consumers and their families direct the planning and allocation of resources to meet their own individual life goals.

Consumers and families have the comfort of knowing that, because we have enjoyed over 70 years of stable growth, Carey Services will continue to thrive, responding to the individual human service need of our clients.

Our Mission:

Turning abilities into opportunities.

Core Values:

  • Self-determination/self-direction empowers people
  • Transparency, fiscal responsibility, outstanding governance
  • The health and safety of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and children and their families is a critical aspect of the decision-making process
  • Provision of services to promote inclusive opportunities
  • Fulfilling donor intent
  • Dignity, compassion, teamwork
  • Striving for awesomeness in every effort and interaction
  • Integrity, professionalism, service and respect


Our Vision:

A world where all people are empowered and equally valued in the community.

Our Affiliations:

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