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Carey Services’ Employment Services Department is dedicated to improving the lives of the individuals we serve by helping them turn their abilities into opportunities to find community employment. With an experienced and dedicated staff, the employment services team operates in three main emphasis areas to accomplish its goals:


For the adults we serve:

Working through the state’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services agency, the employment services team serves individuals by:

  1. Identifying skills and interests through the vocational rehabilitation discovery process using job shadowing opportunities, skills and interests surveys, and community work experiences


  1. Finding, Achieving, and Retaining community employment through help with job searches, completing job applications and developing better job interview skills, and on-site job coaching


  1. Understanding how employment might affect any state and federal benefits an individual receives and providing those individuals with the knowledge needed to make the decisions that make the most sense

For the school-age youth we serve:

Carey Services is part of a regional collaborative working in the state’s Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program for students ages 14 to 22. To qualify for Pre-ETS, a student must have a documented disability and be enrolled in school.

The Pre-ETS program is designed to allow participants to have individualized experiences based on their needs while also completing specific projects through group activities.

The Pre-ETS program focuses on:

Job Exploration
Learning Experiences
Counseling on Postsecondary
Educational Opportunities
Instruction In

Some typical Pre-ETS activities include:

1. Steps to Success Summer camps conducted for Pre-ETS students in June and July

2. Volunteer opportunities with local organizations to develop skills and build teamwork

3. Educational tours of local businesses and organizations

For community businesses, employers, and organizations we serve:

The employment services team works with employers and organizations in many ways:

• Coordinating Innovative and affordable job accommodations
• Promoting workplace inclusion
• Understanding and using community resources to support employees
• Recognizing natural supports employees might have that can help them be successful
• Analyzing the work site and desired job tasks to create opportunities for the individuals we serve
• Helping expand the customer base through hiring of people with disabilities
• Identifying resources and ways to obtain assistive technology to support employees
• Helping people identify and overcome employment barriers

Carey Services overarching focus to work to improve the lives of the individuals we serve by helping them achieve:

  1. Independence
  2. Financial stability
  3. Career growth
  4. Community employment

We recognize not every business is in a position to hire staff and add to their payroll, but you can help support our efforts to turn abilities into opportunities in other ways, including:

  1. Becoming an employer we can consult during an individual’s job discovery process
  2. Helping us with students in the various components of the Pre-ETS program
  3. Making presentations, and teaching, to groups of individuals on job-readiness skills, such as:
    a. Interviewing
    b. Work conduct
    c. Required job skills
  4. Helping find other ways we can support the individuals we serve

What do the services the Carey Services employment services team provide, mean to those we serve?

A Sense
of Belonging
Contributing to
the Community
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