Carey Services owns and operates group homes in Blackford and Grant counties. Group homes provide 24-hour supervision for six to eight people living in a home setting. Qualified and caring staff provides the necessary support and training to allow each person living in the home opportunities to learn new skills enabling them to become as independent as possible.

We offer our clients training and assistance in many areas, including:

  • Transportation
  • Financial management
  • Self-administration of medication
  • Cooking skills
  • Nutrition
  • Personal grooming and hygiene
  • Nursing services
  • Supported employment
  • Sheltered employment
  • Life skills
  • Behavior management support
  • Community integration
  • Physical wellness
  • Opportunity for spiritual wellness

Group home staff members are highly trained in universal aspects of person-centered consumer care such as CPR, nutritional need and medication administration as well as the unique medical and behavioral needs for each person.

Group home residents vary in regards to age and activity level to ensure a good fit for each person who lives in the home.

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