Carey Services’ internationally accredited day services programming can provide community activities and curriculum to help the individuals we serve navigate their unique pathways toward self-sufficiency. We provide day services through our facilities in Marion, Wabash and Logansport.

Day programming is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Carey Services’ staff members take the time to learn about each person to find their needs and personal preferences. We then provide individualized programming based on that individual’s unique skill set, capabilities and desires.

These programs provide time with friends and the opportunity to explore ongoing work on a variety of life areas. Community activities include visits to local restaurants, stores and other businesses for daily activities and also can include regional trips sporting events or other entertainment opportunities.

Programming provided in our facilities include classroom-style curriculum that can allow people to work on skills such as reading, writing, arts, music, daily living skills, sensory activities, socialization and more. We also have the Creative Arts Art Studio that can provide a creative outlet and a music therapy program.

For those individuals who would like to work, Carey Services has many areas in which we can help. We have assembly positions in our production facility if earning income is desired. We also can help develop skills that can lead to community employment by helping people work on areas such as daily living skills, teamwork, time management, proper work etiquette and how to meet an employer’s expectations.


Carey Services offers respite care for those temporary or periodic times where the family, or routine caregiver, needs a break from caring for an individual with a disability. Respite services can be paid for through an individual’s care plan budget, but such a service must be included in the individual’s annual budget. This service can accommodate many scenarios; Carey Services staff can work with the caregiver and the other members of the team who support an individual to help identify respire care opportunities and schedule the service.

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