Karen's journey as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) began in 2015, and since then, she has continuously demonstrated her dedication to community integration for the individuals we support. She strives to ensure that they have opportunities to engage with their community, fostering their independence and promoting meaningful connections.

Karen's commitment to her role as a Direct Support Professional goes above and beyond. She consistently ensures that the individuals under her care receive the proper care and support they need. Karen's advocacy knows no bounds, as she makes herself readily available whenever her assistance is required. She supports one individual who enjoys going shopping and going to concerts. Karen consistently makes it her mission to get him to the stores he likes to go to (even if they are farther away) and take him to events he wants to go to. Her passion, compassion, and genuine care for the individuals she serves are evident in every interaction.

As a true team player, Karen not only encourages and supports her fellow team members but also willingly fills in shifts when needed. She actively participates in committees dedicated to planning events for the individuals, further demonstrating her commitment to their well-being and quality of life. So many of the people we support only get to see their friends at day programming, and Karen does everything she can to ensure they can see friends whenever they’d like. Karen's dedication to the individuals she supports is unwavering, and her selfless nature shines through in all aspects of her work.

She routinely assists community members in communicating with individuals we serve and has provided education to people in the community. Karen is a role model for many of the other DSPs at our agency and does all things with joy.

Karen's innovative spirit is a hallmark of her approach to providing exceptional care. She consistently identifies creative solutions to challenges and finds ways to improve the quality of life for the individuals she supports. Her ability to think "outside the box" enhances the daily experiences of those she serves. Whether it's devising inventive activities or adapting to unique needs, Karen's commitment to innovative care ensures that the individuals she supports lead fulfilling lives and enjoy a wide array of enriching experiences.

Karen's attention to detail and genuine concern for the well-being of the individuals is truly commendable. She pays close attention to their financial needs, ensuring they have the necessary resources to fulfill their desires. Karen goes the extra mile to educate the individuals, acting as a nurturing and guiding figure in their lives.


Karen is an exceptional Direct Support Professional who exemplifies the mission of our organization, turning abilities into opportunities, through her personal attributes and unwavering dedication. Her commitment to enriching the lives of the individuals she serves, advocating for their rights, embracing change, and fostering a nurturing environment help the people we serve to live their best life!

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