New Carey Services Strategic Plan Released

After announcing a new organizational focus in early July, Carey Services is making available the agency’s new three-year strategic plan to interested stakeholders and community members. The plan continues to emphasize the agency’s long-standing work with low-income families and pre-natal mothers and children up to three years old, along with individuals with disabilities while including new agency mission and vision statements and a strong plan to focus agency efforts for the future.

“I am excited to share our new plan and focus with the communities we serve,” said Jim Allbaugh, Carey Services’ president and chief executive officer. “Our board, numerous staff members, many individuals we serve, and others in the community have helped us get to this point with the final product.”

The agency’s new mission statement has been strengthened to clarify purpose: “Turning abilities into opportunities.” The vision statement has also been clarified: “A world where all people are empowered and equally valued in the community.”

As part of the strategic planning process, the agency developed four priorities that will guide strategies and assure sustainability:
• Build brighter futures
• Deliver world-class supports
• Employ compassionate people
• Leverage charitable donations

“Carey Services’ operations have been guided by a set of core values for 65 years,” Allbaugh said. “The strengthened priorities and strategies in the new plan don’t replace our core values, but they do provide overall guidance in coming months and years as we make decisions – both large and small – to even more powerfully impact our work and the individuals we serve. We plan to be more iconic in our industry and communities.”

You can download the document here.